Ultimate Custom Night

Ultimate Custom Night

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FNAF Ultimate Custom Night Review

Five Nights at Freddy's reinvented the horrors of survival and made it a game to live (and often die). The idea of the game is to spend the night in Freddy's Pizza Doing to prevent terrible animals from invading (and certainly killing). Ultimate Custom Night is the part where you can set the number and type of animatronics that enters the room.

Graphics - 4/5

It's tough to evaluate graphics if you don't know if their poor quality is a bug or a resource. Primitive visuals loved the original FNaF, and the style is preserved here. The scary jump is really scary, the sounds are from the 90s but still impressive, and the whole visual style looks like a mess at first, but, as you do, the game becomes more logical. Prepare about 270 MB on your device before downloading Ultimate Custom Night.

Gameplay - 5/5

Well, as the name suggests, something's changed. In earlier installments you have to survive five nights, from midnight until 6 am. Here you are only for one night, but it will be the decisive one.

What hasn't changed much is your dashboard. You control only the lights in the nearest rooms and their doors, and you have cameras to observe the surroundings. When Animatronic approaches you, you need to take a few steps to eliminate it. Otherwise, it will kill you.

It was like that in all the games in the series, but this time it's different. Before the game starts, select the animatronics you want to be involved in. Here they are, all those you could have found in previous games, all at the same time. Your difficulty level is also adjustable, so (if you're new to it) you can start it the easiest way and then try harder modes.

There are also coins you can use in certain animatronics, and other bonuses you get for certain achievements.

If you've spent a lot of time with previous installments, this one offers a perfect combination of what you liked about them and a kit for creating your own FNaF layouts.

Controls - 4/5

When you start the game for the first time, it will show an extended keyboard layout with all the actions you can perform. It seems strange that your character doesn't move in WASD, but you still sit all the time, so it's logical. And it can take several hours of play to automate your response to potential dangers. A mouse is also important: the animatronics react to the movements of the cursor.

Very simple after a little practice, the control system will be unpleasant for you in the first hours.

Playback value - 5/5

Since the developer incorporated all the variety of enemies from previous games and activated the adjustable difficulty level, the game became something very versatile. So you can try any animatronic combination to see if it catches you this time. It's hard to expect updates with new content; the developer is more likely to release another Custom Night after five or six installments. But who cares while we have this?


A night of horror worth five or even six - that's the UCN. You can download Ultimate Custom Night on Steam or start with demo versions. It's probably not the best part of the FNaF franchise because there's no need to compare (since you won't compare an LP of your favorite band to the greatest hits of the same band). Maybe it's a fan service thing, but it's good fan service.

  • Graphics 5
  • Gameplay 4.5
  • Controls 4.5
  • Replay Value 4.5
  • One of the most trending games right now! One of the most trending games right now!
  • Everyone enjoy playing this game Everyone enjoy playing this game
  • One of the best action games ever!

    One of the best action games ever!

Ultimate Custom Night FAQ

There's not a lot of questions about Ultimate Custom Night. Ask insistently in the comments so you can make it frequent! Yup,take me to comments
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