With Quan-diy.com we created a great project. It helps thousands of people to find the right game and get more information about it.

The year 2020 has come and we looking forward to make biggest and most useful video game catalog for next year. The website is already in the development and what features we will add to it:

  1. More content. There will be a blog with useful articles. Also, most popular games will get detailed walkthrough, tips and secrets maps.
  2. Video reviews. In our 2020 project will be not only text reviews, but also video reviews of all popular games.
  3. Better Sales Charts. One of our greatest features will become greater.
  4. Live streams, game comparency, sales alerts and more.

But, we can't make it by our selfs. We need help. Every user of Punawelewele can help us by donation. We need just $25,000. Even one dollar will help us to create best gaming portal ever.


Current donation progress. Still need $20,411


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