Quan-diy.com is your personal guide to the world of the popular video games released in 2018-2020. The best games which appeared in this year are here on this page at your disposal. You can find all of the 2018 titles in our online catalog.

Top notch titles are gathered for your convenience and divided into groups.

You can find the needed game by its genre. Action, Adventure, Early Access, Fighting, Free to Play, Indie, Multiplayer, Misc, Platform, Puzzle, Racing, RPG, Shooter, Simulation, Sports, Strategy. Are you ready to choose the best one of your favourite genre?

You can also make your choice orientating on the platform you prefer to play on. Are you a devoted PlayStation 4 user? Or did you pick Xbox One for all your gaming needs? We also do not exclude the option, that you are a connoisseur of good graphics, so choose a powerful video card and go on for playing on your PC. It doesn’t matter whether you like playing on a console or a computer, you can always find the perfect 2k17 title by the platform supported.

Is that all you can get on Quan-diy.com?

Of course, not! We are going to provide you with:

  • Multiple reviews on games.
  • Useful tips and guides.
  • Extra information about the games.

On Quan-diy.com you are going to find a bunch of additional information regarding features, system requirements, screenshots, video, developers data, and so on. You do not need any more searching on different sites, trying to get the necessary game details from different sources.

Quan-diy.com: we go the extra mile

Quan-diy.com is not a one-day project. We have a serious intention to develop and contribute the needed novelties in our work. We do nothing by halves, so in the nearest future, you will meet some essential extensions regarding our content. That will be:

  • A thoroughly thought-out rating system for games.

With rating system picking the game becomes a piece of cake. You will easily find the game among the best in the genre.

  • Adding a section with the best video games of 2018-2019.

The gaming industry doesn’t stand still, the new titles appear every month. And it’s a big crime not to follow the novelties on the market. We want to keep you updated and aware of all the latest game releases on our site.

  • Adding more professional reviews.

No one can be as good as a video game expert in describing the games and their walkthrough. So we are going to go the extra mile in adjusting and bringing Quan-diy.com reviews to perfection.

  • Become our author!

We are sure that you, our dear readers, are going to make headway in writing the best reviews about your favorite games. Your gaming experience is highly valuable, so please share your written stories with us. So if you want to become an author send us your reviews. We will publish the best of the sent reviews on our game page.

Quan-diy.com team: we only humans who want to reach for the moon

The team of Quan-diy.com doesn’t occupy a big office in the corporation business centre. We don’t wear suits and ties going on this job. And we do not have a fixed schedule. But we have ambitions in achieving the goal in video games observing and promoting.

Quan-diy.com is an offspring of four people with various professional skills and different preferences in everyday life. Nevertheless, each of us loves playing video games wholeheartedly.


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