Arduino Battery Metering

       I never really learned how to use micros because of the large bulky software packages they use. I was able to use them in school but never been able to make them work with my home PC so I pretty much wasn't able to explore it.

       I came about Arduinos and they only require you to install one software (Arduino IDE) and plug in an arduino compatible module and off you go. I gave it a try and was able to make things work. What better way to learn a new skill than to tackle a project and make it work. This is what I decided to do.

       This meter is a basic battery metering system for use in my off grid renewable energy home system. It measures the battery voltage and incoming/outgoing amps and calculate everything else.

These are pics of the very first code I wrote for it while still on a breadboard as proof of concept.

It is very basic but the idea is there.

The latest revisions have a lot more numbers and functions as listed below.

These are the functions of the latest code:

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