Inside an Ametek 50V Motor

       I bought two of these to make a wind generator for my off grid system. The motors were opened to check for internal condition as these were bought surplus.

       Here are some pics I took and some measurements for reference.

Ametek PN 135-00096-002 Rev C Rated 50VDC Nom. Measures about 4" dia and 6" long

Shaft: 5/8inches diameter. Measured 15.8mm with my calipers.

Back of the motor.

Shaft internal view

Hollow shaft internal thread: 5/16-24 about 1.5inches deep with a taper near the open end

Mounting bolt thread: 10-32 about 0.75inches deep until it hits the magnet inside.

Two bolts hold the front and back together.

Motor nameplate

Rear bearing

Magnets: Ceramic, 4poles 8pcs

Brush assembly with commutator in place

Side bolts removed

Brush assembly.

Brush marked "3913"

Commutator end

Front Bearing: 6203

Rear bearing: 6202

Shaft open end view

Rotor front view

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