Alpine H701

       Here is an Alpine H701 sent to me to be upgraded.

       Upgrades will be basic. Just replace all caps in the signal path and all op amps.

       Parts choice are: JRC NJM4560 Opamps replaced with Burr Brown OPA1642 and various E-caps replaced with Nichicon FW, Elna Silmic II and Panasonic FM.

Processor on the operating table:

Top cover removed. Digital board on top:

Digital board removed to reveal analog section underneath:

Analog/PS main board removed from bottom chassis:

An hour later, all parts to upgrade are removed and PCB cleaned:

New op amps (OPA1642 SOIC) in place:

Replaced 0.47uF e-caps with Epcos naked film. I have no idea wy manufacturers still make e-caps lower than 1uF when film and ceramic can be had for much better performance. Cost?:

Overview of board. All caps that aren't green are the upgrades :

Closer views of the components:

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