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Repairs / Modifications:

Powertech MI-5702 Inverter

Look inside and changed the australian plug to a universal one.

16 Oct 2017
USB LED Bulb Mod

Modified a cheap LED bulb for better efficiency

30 Jul 2017
Helix DSP Repair

Quick remote out fix and a look at the inside of this processor.

15 Jan 2017
CRSNB Inverter Repair

Teardown and repair of a very small pure sine wave inverter.

30 Aug 2016
Hakko FR-300 Teardown and Mod

Teardown and power indicator mod for this nice desoldering gun.

19 Apr 2016
Wattmeter Clamp Mod

Modifying a cheap RC wattmeter for DC clamp current measurement

26 Nov 2015
Cheap Digital Tachometer Teardown and Mod

A look inside and modding a DT-6236C tachometer

01 Oct 2015
Genesis Profile teardown and repair

Quick repair and a look inside a Genesis Profile car amp

01 Oct 2015
Craftsman 82369 Multimeter Mod

Modified a brand new multimeter because it failed.

19 Mar 2015
Cheap HID ballast teardown

A view inside a cheap HID ballast.

09 Aug 2016
Audiowave Aspire Pro repair

I had another rare opportunity to work on a very very expensive piece of audio gear.

13 Apr 2014
McIntosh MX5000 repair & restore

I had the rare opportunity to work on this rare and expensive piece of audio gear.

26 Aug 2013
"MPPT" Solar charge controllers

See what's inside these cheap charge controllers and a voltage calibration mod.

09 Aug 2014
Schiit Asgard mod

This is one dangerous Schiit.

23 Feb 2013
Alpine H701 mod

H701 upgrade for a customer

19 Aug 2012
Schiit Bifrost mod

basic mod I did to my Schiit Bifrost

01 Mar 2013
Behringer DCX2496 mod

basic mod I did to my DCX2496

22 July 2012
Inside an Alpine CDA 9886 A look inside an Alpine CDA 9886 headunit and Burr Brown op amp upgrade 05 Mar 2012
Hakko FX-888 Mod Change that annoying blinking LED into something more practical. 11 Feb 2012
Blueprint Custom Audio Custom works and modifications I did for a local car audio install shop 11 Jan 2011

Reviews / Teardowns:

Helix P Six DSP

Lifting the skirt off. Just a quick peek of the new dsp/amp combo.

15 Oct 2017
LiitoKala Engineer Lii-500

A look inside my LiitoKala charger.

07 Mar 2017
Cheap 6 inch LED bar

See how it is built and has "Cree" LEDs.

24 May 2017
Interesting T10 LEDs

Looking at T10 LEDs I stumbled upon using remote phosphor technology.

15 Jan 2017
Really Cheap Powerbanks

Look at what you get (and you don't get) what you pay for.

24 Dec 2016
Cheap Mini Inverter test

A very small and cheap inverter. See what it could/couldn't do.

22 Nov 2016
Infinitum Desulfator Review

A commercial desulfator. Does it do what they say it does?

16 Jun 2017
Powerstar W7 Inverter/Charger Teardown

UPS/inverter/charger unit for teardown.

23 Feb 2017
Thrunite Neutron2C V2 Teardown

Well designed light but, unfortunately, not water resistant. (Added Archer 2A V3 + repair)

19 Jan 2017
Fake ICL7660

Buyer beware

06 Mar 2016
Matek USB meter Teardown

Teardown and repair of this cheap USB power monitor

24 Dec 2015
PortaPow USB meter Teardown

Looking inside a Portapow USB power meter and a quick mod.

29 May 2017
Solar Powerbank Teardown

Tearing apart a solar power bank that worked only once.

29 Nov 2015
PV module Snail Trail Testing

Pictures, thermographs and current measurements of PV modules that had developed snail trails.

27 Nov 2015
Magic LED bulb

Teardown of an LED bulb that still lights up even when the power is out.

13 Nov 2015
Fake Cellphone Battery teardown

You are definitely not getting what you paid for.

07 Nov 2015
Cheap Flashlight / Tazer combo teardown

Lights and sparks!

25 Oct 2015
Turnigy MAX80W Teardown

Taking apart a brand new hobby charger and slightly modding it.

19 Jun 2016
ETCR007AD Teardown

Taking apart a cheap hall effect current transducer probe.

09 Jan 2016
Fangpusun Inverter Teardown

A look inside this brand of inverters.

16 Apr 2016
Fangpusun Charge Controller Teardown

A look inside this brand of charge controllers.

30 Aug 2016
Sunway "MPPT" Charge Controller Teardown

Supposedly an MPPT controller but is otherwise.

28 Aug 2015
Cheap relay and socket Teardown

Comparing known genuine and immitation relays and sockets.

26 Aug 2015
Gaia Grid Tie Inverter Teardown

Teardown of a 500W grid tie inverter.

10 Jan 2016
TBF Inverter Teardown

Teardown and testing of cheap pure sine inverters.

11 May 2015
Suoer Inverter Teardown

Teardown and testing of a pure sine inverter.

07 Feb 2015
TBE Inverter Teardown

Teardown and testing of cheap modified sine and pure sine inverters.

16 Dec 2014
Suoer SON-20A charger review/teardown

Teardown and testing this cheap "automatic" charger.

18 Jul 2017
EPsolar charge controller teardown

A look inside this brand of mid cost solar charge controllers.

07 Oct 2015
Suoer charge controller teardowns

A look inside this brand of low cost solar charge controllers.

08 Nov 2014
Ametek 50V Motor teardown

Looking inside a surplus tape drive motor

13 Sept 2014
Nitecore i4 and i2 charger teardown

See what's inside these budget smart chargers

20 Jun 2013
Celestra RA475x Review

Pictures and comments on Celestra RA475x amplifier guts

17 Dec 2011
Super Low Cost Car Stereos

Opened a couple of super cheap car stereos - see what you're getting

29 Dec 2015
Dominations Futura Tweeter

Teardown of this widerange "tweeter".

21 Feb 2011
Parts Express $10 AMP

Review of a $10 sub amp from Parts express

11 Feb 2011

Other stuff:

Manual Pick n Place Assembly

What I use to assemble circuit boards with surface mount parts

21 Aug 2013
My Lasers

Laser pointers, Lab modules and Laser Power Meters

24 Mar 2013
Multilayer PCB's

Cross section pictures of 4- and 6-layer PCB's

04 Oct 2011
The Workshop Where all the magic happens 11 Jan 2014
My Daily Driver A page showing things I have done to my daily driver 20 Sep 2017
The Hobby ** Pictures of my old home stereo systems and DIY amps 25 Jan 2011
DIY Amplifiers Pt1 **

Pictures of my old DIY home amps

DIY Amplifiers Pt2 **

Pictures of my last home DIY amp and my first car amp


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