Every site's got to have one. These are some links I find useful, interesting or just felt like adding to the list. Added in no particular order, just sorted through the categories.


C&D Technologies battery website Large resource of battery information regarding sealed lead acid batteries.
Semiconductor Logo Identification Search here for identifying semiconductor company logo.
Datasheet Archive I look in here first for datasheets.
The Bona's HomePage Lots of tube (valve) circuits.
Tube Directory Find your tubes in here.
Online Inductor Calculator Instructions, dimensions of making your own air core inductors.
Flashlight information Detailed reviews of Flashlights, chargers, batteries and misc stuff by Henrik
LED Driver Database Online database of available LED drivers from various online stores. Updated regularly.

Electronics/Audio Related:

Elliott Sound Products A very complete website. there are always updates in it. hundreds of circuit diagrams, PCB's for sale and tons of useful articles. Lots of unofficial info on Rod's projects in his forum.
Holton Precision Audio A collection of very powerful high end amplifiers.
Linkwitz Lab Informative articles, some more signal processors, dipole speakers and subwoofers.
Dan's Website Dan's website, lots of electronic stuff. Also has some datasheets for download.
Mike's Electric Stuff Big glassware collection, Hacks, High voltage stuff
BigClive dot com Clive's site. Random things to make and do both electronic and not.
Red Free Circuits Assortment of schematics for everyday applications.
Roman Black Lots of various stuff from math to electronics to PICs.

Youtube Channels:

EEVBlog Dave Jone's channel about electronics engineering. Lots of educational videos on the subject.
Mike's Electric Stuff Teardowns and misc info of electronics stuff
Big Clive Teardown of lots of dollar store stuff. Many things with lights and blinky stuff.
Electro Boom Lots of burning, sparks and blown electronics to prove a point (and for comedic action).
Photonic Induction Sparks, flames, high voltage, burning stuff.
Abom79 Machining videos. Very informative!
AVE Teardowns, power tools, random stuff.
Techmoan Reviews of random, old, new, electronic stuff.
Mighty Car Mods Lots of videos about cars, fixing, upgrading testing etc.
Chrisfix Lots of DIYing on fixing cars
Cody's Lab Chemistry and Science Channel, explains chemistry in random everyday stuff
Engineering Explained Explaining the science in automobiles
Hand Tool Rescue Restoration of old hand tools, clean videos without fancy graphics or annoying music


DIYaudio A forum with tons of info on almost everything electronic, just make sure you have time to dig for it.
Laser Pointer Forums A friendly bunch of photon addicts - Massive resource for building or information on lasers
EEVBlog Forums A big community for electronics

Everything Else:

Wayback Machine I found this useful when my host disappeared. You can view snapshots of archived old webpages
Outrageous Aussie Sayings Like what it says.(Original link was dead, luckily, I saved one here. Credit to the original owner) Where I get some of my ideas for my alternative power projects
Hornblasters Home of some of the loudest horns available to the public. Visible/IR satellite view of our country that I check for up to date weather condition.
Japan Meteorological Agency Tropical Cyclone Information and forcast in east asia area.

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