About The Author

        I'm Raymond Quan, I have been into electronics (as far as I can remember) for quite a while. For all these years, I have gained experience by many years of self studying and hands on experience from tinkering, blowing stuff up and fixing things.

        I'm a graduate student from Mapua Institute of Technology. Worked at Fujitsu Ten Solutions Philippines as Hardware Design engineer from 11/2008 to 05/2014. Currently works in the family business (agriculture) but still into DIY stuff (only as a hobby now but still manage to apply it to my current work as I deal with machinery and maintenance stuff).

       I wouldn't consider myself an 'audiophile' as I probably have tin ears but still prefer a decently clean system. I wouldn't go on modding with overly expensive exotic caps or silver/gold wire (well, sometimes!) with my system as I think the return (better sound) is too small for the price I have to pay for the 'upgrade'. I would prefer op amps or other means to reduce distortion for better sound as those don't cost that much but have more effect on the sound.

        I had built a complicated sound system back then that I used as my home system and was also used for parties but later dismantled and built to something more user friendly to use during parties when I no longer had time to listen at home.

        I shifted to car audio when I realized I have more time on the road to listen to music than at home. My current car audio system could be found here. It was continuously changing for several years but currently slowed down.

       Music genre isn't too important as I would listen to anything with a melody that I like which would include instrumentals, classical to pop and rap/rnb.

        I'm also interested with things that produce light (flashlights, lasers etc). Most of the projects I posted here have something to do with lights or sound. I can't remember how I got interested with lights but that isn't a full time hobby. I just like to have decent flashlights on hand for when the need arises but not those that cost an arm and a leg for a simple flashlight.

       I also design circuits for various applications. Another field in electronics that interests me are switch mode power supplies, DC-DC converters and renewable energy systems.

       I have a room full of stuff and made it my workshop. If you are interested in seeing what my workshop looks like,  you can see it here. It is often messy as no matter how many times I clean it up, all flat surfaces seem to get covered up with stuff. I could not find an explanation on the phenomenon on why that happens.


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