About This Website


        This website came to be as a school project. It started with a few pages back in 2004. It has the pics of my DIY amps some rants and whatever I thought to add before I submitted this site at the end of the term. Today, the hits counter shows there are quite some that visit this site so I decided to add more pages so that there are more things to see besides the old pages.

          The site was made to be simple since I usually edit this in HTML and to reduce download time and save on my host bandwidth. Not much frills is needed in my opinion as long as I get the contents clear and uncluttered to make navigating around the site easy.

        Angelcities.com has disappeared. Taking with it the whole website. Unforunately, I did not have a copy of the pages in my computer. I was able to use Google Cache which had pages updated to around Sept 2011 so I was able to save most of the pages. The site is now on a paid hosting service so there are no more ads.

       The site today is about what I do in my hobby, some teardowns, mini reviews, mods, hacks etc that I thought to publish for others to hopefully find useful.

        I hope you enjoy the things I have put here even though it is not much. There will be more pages when the time comes as the contents keep building up.

        If you have comments, questions or just wanted to say something about the site or anything for that matter, please contact me through email.


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